About Agricon

Circular. Sustainable.Together.

The family

Agricon has been producing bark products since 1997. Above all, though, Agricon is a family business, founded by brothers Guy, Luc and Jef Convens. The diverse talents of Guy, who inspired the project, soon led to new insights. Production activities were soon followed by a well-organised distribution network for bark products.

As Europe's largest producer of bark, we soon set about recycling the co-streams released during the production process. As a result, the activities on the Overpelt site expanded quickly and substantially, with ground cover for example. The expansion gave Agricon a contemporary look and an identity under which our entire organisation headed in the direction of having a positive impact.

In no time, Agricon emerged as a leading company in the production and distribution of all kinds of products of natural origin. Meanwhile, customers came to rely on us for everything from a variety of bark products and potting soil, sand and ornamental cuttings to wood fuels and wood pellets during the cold winter months.

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A purposeful approach!

Our purposeful approach and strategic location proved to be a perfect match for a variety of clients. Today, Agricon has grown into a full-fledged group with branches and loading locations across Europe. Our products are offered Europe-wide, and their sustainable quality and our innovative ideas for a greener world have turned out to be winners. We have now run with Guy's ideas for three generations.

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More than ever, the best quality guarantee …

Our vision

What has Agricon also been working on since 1997? Putting nature at the centre and helping to make an impact for a greener world.

We do this not just through natural products or sustainable partnerships, but by building our sustainable vision into our operations and into our new location. For example, by recycling waste streams that would otherwise end up in landfills. Or by developing new machines and technologies that ensure we roll out our green vision worldwide. This is how we tackle every sustainable challenge.

Agricon's expertise in circular raw materials and peat replacement potting soils has put it on the map as one of the pioneers in Europe. We've achieved this by combining strategy, creativity and our green vision. Sustainability in all its facets: this is how we ensure satisfied gardeners who make the environment greener!

Do we always go the extra mile? Of course we do. But it's only possible with a team that shares the same values as the Covens family. Loyal souls who feel involved and want to help safeguard our vision in a warm working environment are welcome to join us!

Our mission

As a flexible company, we focus on high-quality products of natural origin at the right price. From the start, our experienced and highly dedicated team has striven for honesty, openness, fairness and integrity.

We feel responsible, both individually and as a company, for everything we undertake. In every new venture, there is a clear focus on the sustainable growth of our business. We invest in ecological and high-quality products as well as in a strong and close-knit team. And as an independent family business, we are able to do this quite well!

Our Agricon

A gang of companies joining forces: we are Agricon Group. We distribute our products in the Benelux countries, Germany, France and beyond from various production sites and logistics loading platforms at home and abroad.

Working at Agricon is
pure fun

We see ourselves as a warm and loyal working environment with a family character. in our family business, all colleagues get the trust they deserve - juniors, seniors and trainees alike. Because if you want to work with us, you should also feel good about yourself.

Our employees are as integral a part of Agricon as our pellets or bark. For us, you as a human being come first: everyone gets an equal chance. Are you a numbers fan, a driver or an employee with your own concerns? The most important thing is that we can connect and trust one another!