Agricon Group

Circular. Sustainable. Together.

We specialise in the production and global distribution of natural products of the highest quality. At Agricon, we resolutely opt for sustainable corporate responsibility.

It's in our

Agricon has been developing and distributing natural materials since 1997, meanwhile for both business and private customers, with a thorough focus on sustainability.

Our excellent product quality and ecologically responsible approach prove a perfect match for a wide range of customers. As one of the pioneers, we are making an impact with circular raw materials. For a greener world.

Five families, one company

A gang of vibrant companies joining forces: we are the Agricon Group. Together, we grow future-proof, with our noses invariably pointed in the same direction.

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A wide range
of products

Since 1997, Agricon has stood for the production and distribution of natural products. We like to pursue quality. Not only in our expertise, but also in our diverse range of products.

Everything under one roof: that's what customers want

Agricon stands for more than making and distributing natural products, via the Agricon brand or private label. It is offering flexibility and customer-oriented solutions. That is why we continue to innovate with tailor-made products that respond to current market trends. With our one-stop shop, we create logistics relief. In order to maximally meet our customer's expectations and needs.

Sustainability first
first place


More than ever the best quality guarantee ...

Working at Agricon, a great place to work

We actually consider ourselves quite a warm and loyal working environment with a family character. Junior, senior or trainee: in our family business, all colleagues get the trust they deserve. Someone who wants to work with us should also simply feel good about themselves.

Our employees are as integral a part of Agricon as our pellets or bark. With us, you as a human being come first: everyone gets an equal chance. A numbers fan, driver or employee carrying a 'backpack'? As long as we experience a confidential connection!

We are always ready to answer your questions

Agricon consists of a dedicated team within which each of us has our speciality. By combining our knowledge, we constantly focus on quality. Of our products but also of our service. So feel free to let us know how we can help you.